Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yakin Update - May 21 - Funky Phone

May 21 via SatPhone:

phone being funky. alls well. had a weather day at taylor glacier with small craft advisory. camped last night at division pt after exploring beautiful nellie juan glacier and the tidal lagoon in front. on to lighthouse reserve

Additionally, Donald called this morning. He had been sending txts all week since Whittier, but none had gotten through. The text above is from this morning after we discussed some brief phone maintenance that might help. Success!!

As per last week's message, the group is definitely not going to Seward, but will return to Whittier on the 30th. He plans to call again in a day or two to verify that the SMS messages are working again.

There is also a new SPOT that was posted this morning.

Link to Spot Adventure:

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