Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I met another CANYON!

Just when we arrived in Valdez Alaska. Jesse and I were in the
Safeway grocery store and over the speaker came " Canyon to Check out #3."

Oh man I was confused for a second. Then....... "Jesse do you think
there is a guy named Canyon working hear?"
Sure enough....

So I grabbed my camera and waited in line to buy a bag of Dorritos
from Canyon. What do you say to a guy with the some weird name as you?

I just stuck out my hand and said Hi My name is Canyon, Glad to meet

He said hey thats funny. How ya Doing Canyon?

Bla bla bla... some small talk and then I asked for a photo with

Other Canyon: "Sure, you have a camera?" Then looks to the guy
behind us in line "Do you mind?" The guy felt a little awkward and
shrugged his shoulders.

Jesse Took the shot.

The guy was super Friendly and stoked as well to meet another Canyon.

"Welcome to Valdez Canyon." he said cheerfully as we parted ways.



Damon Pace said...

I met another Canyon in Whitefish. He's a member of the Rotary here.

denise said...

that's ridiculous!! how confusing and awesome, in a town of 4,000 +/-. the odds are steep! funny that you guys kiiiiiinda look alike to, in that shaggy, unkempt way. that's a compliment, btw.

Thomas Korn said...

Haha... I googled "Valdez Weather cam" and your blog came up. I had to click on the picture of Canyon, who I go to the college with here in Valdez.